Gliding on the water and achieving that deeper sense of being gives us the feeling of true freedom that brings us back time aftertime. Whether it’s a flat calm morning with the sunlight glinting off the water or stroking through waves and the pull of the tide we feel a deep appreciation for the gift of freedom to go wherever the seas, rivers or lakes allow. At Whitehall Rowing & Sail we are known worldwide for our creative design abilities, continuous innovation, our expertise, and a desire to keep you on the water living life to the fullest. Our rich deep history of creating the world’s finest all-water rowing craft and extraordinary attention to design and detail is fueled by our passion to do what we love.

We design and build every one of our products so that you can be elevated by your rowing experience out on the water each and every time.

Each And Every Time We Head Out On The Water The Rest Of The World Seems To Melt Away.

About Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Founded in 1987, by Marie Hutchinson and Harold Aune, Whitehall was first to produce all water sculling boats with slide seat rowing systems, usually found in a racing shell, with the famous Whitehall, renowned for safe efficient rowing in wind and waves.

The hand built Whitehall Spirit® Classics are impeccably built in fiberglass, teak and bronze. These seaworthy designs perform beautifully in all conditions and always bring a smile of approval to those who know boats. Since 1987 over 3000 classic Whitehall Spirit® boats are owned by rowing and sailing enthusiasts around the world. The Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™and the Tango 17™, produced since 2007, are the world’s first thermoformed copolymer sculling boats. They retain all of the rowing performance of the hand built classics and are lighter and more affordable to help more people enjoy the fun and fitness benefits of slide seat rowing.

Harold loves rowing, sailing, diving, paddling and anything water related. He cofounded Whitehall Rowing & Sail with Marie in 1987. Together they founded the Whitehall Spirit® product line which now includes the Oar Board®. Read more on Harold at

“I’ve designed and produced a lot of boats and equipment over the years. The Oar Board has been the most gratifying project so far.”

Marie loves being out on the water sailing or rowing. She is an expert authority on small boats with a special interest in healing and health.

Co-founder of Whitehall Rowing & Sail and the Whitehall Spirit® boat line with Harold in 1987.

‘What I love about what we do is helping folks keep healthy and fit, living life to the fullest.”

Diana loves rowing, hiking and traveling to exotic places. She is a top notch all water rowing instructor and winner of the long distance rowing events in the R2AK 2015 and 2016.

Diana is the go-to person regarding the Oar Board®.

“I love rowing and there’s nothing better than promoting what you’re passionate about!”

Colin Loves surfing, sailing, and rowing and being a great dad. When it comes to production, building and testing prototypes, or building the finest products in the world, Colin is the man.

“We ship worldwide so part of my job is to make sure we produce perfect, problem-free products and happy owners.”

Yvonne is Whitehall Rowing & Sail’s front-end person and office goddess. She loves camping and baking exotic treats, which she sometimes brings in to the office to share with the lucky mortals there.

“I’m happy when the products arrive safely and the accounts balance.”

More About
Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Both Marie Hutchinson and Harold Aune have extensive backgrounds. Marie in areas as diverse as midwifery and the healing arts to yacht construction, business management, marketing and manufacturing; Harold in offshore sailing, film making, music, sail boat design and construction, business management, and high tech manufacturing.

In 2010 they founded the Whitehall Spirit® Rowing Club of Victoria which introduced “All Water” slide seat rowing to the general public. This has become a business opportunity that is changing the nature of rowing by making it accessible and affordable. Phin’s Water Sports is now in full operation in Marina del Rey, California offering Whitehall Spirit® “All Water” rowing to its members.

The latest product designed and produced by Whitehall Rowing & Sail is the Oar Board® SUP Rower, a fit-on-top unit that instantly converts a standup paddle board into a single scull.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail, Builders of the Worlds Finest Rowing & Sailing Boats:

“We both feel the world is now shifting toward a new connection with nature, life and real values, which we fondly refer to as the quiet revolution; the products our company offers are beneficial to this process.”

-Marie Hutchinson & Harold Aune, co-founders

“Our philosophy is that a boat should be a lifelong asset for personal and family pleasure, stand up to rigorous usage, and be built to last generations.”

-Marie Hutchinson & Harold Aune, co-founders