Factory Accessories
Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14® & Tango 17®

These accessory items require installation at the factory.

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Custom Names for Your Boat’s Transom

Naming your boat is totally a fun thing that most people do!

Boats are named after wives or husbands, pets, places, motherships, and any number of personal statements. Below are a few examples.

Names can be mounted on your boat’s transom.


Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Stainless Steel Keel Strip

Keel strips take the worry out of landing on rough, rocky beaches by preventing wear on the keel plus protecting the boat’s bottom. A great investment if you plan to do some exploring or landing on rough beaches. These tough stainless steel keel strips are through bolted and totally sealed internally to prevent leakage.

Solo 14: $648 USD
Tango 17: $795 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Outboard Motor Pad

A motor pad makes it easy to mount a small (25 lb max) electric or gasoline outboard motor on the stern. An outboard is useful in situations where there are currents or tide. Fishermen like outboard motors to travel longer distances to their favorite fishing spots.

Motor Pad Installed on both sides of the Transom $149 USD