Boat Slider tracks – Save Your Back & the Boats Bottom

  • Proven for over 27 years on rocky West Coast beaches.
  • Glide along just like it was sliding on ice!


Boat Slider Trax® system has been patented and tested on a variety of rocky beaches and used by hundreds of small boat owners across North America since 1988. The components will handle a boat’s keel sliding over them like it was sliding on ice. The flexible stainless steel trax can withstand the abuse of wave action and rocky beaches. They will perform on hard sand, but if sand covers the slippery plastic skids, scratching and hull wear can occur. Therefore, Boat Slider Trax® are not recommended for sandy beaches. Instead, we recommend Boat Dollies equipped with special sand wheels. If you have specific questions regarding Slider Trax, please direct them to

Allow for a minimum of 6 weeks delivery for custom manufacturing. Please call for details.


Standard Slider Trax®

Designed to be left in place, the flexible Standard Slider Trax® have been tested for over 27 years on rough, rocky beaches. The tough stainless steel ladder lasts virtually forever, requires no maintenance, and is flexible to handle abuse by wind and waves. Installation or removal is fast and easy. Can be anchored and left in place.

600 lbs capacity, 8′ section, 7 skid unit: $795 USD

600 lbs capacity, 1 pair 16″ joiner rod: $58 USD


Folding Slider Trax®

The easy, portable solution to launch and retrieve your boat across rough, rocky beaches. Features an incredibly tough stainless steel hinge mechanism that will last forever. One gets you clear of the water; two enables leap-frogging across wide beaches. Folds up and stows easily in your boat or the trunk of your car.

15″ wide, 400 lbs capacity, 8’6″ section, 5 skid unit: $550 USD

24″ wide, 600 lbs capacity, 8’6″ section, 5 skid unit: $795 USD

Trax® Accessories


Sea Wall Ladder

Slippery sea wall ladders enable boats up to 250 lbs to be moved over 2′, 3′, and 4′ sea walls by hand or with the assistance of a winch or lightweight block and tackle. Maintenance-free plastic and metal construction. Ladder can hinge to stow above the wall or be stored elsewhere when not in use.

Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 4′ for up to 2 foot wall: $1,595 USD

Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 6′ for up to 3 foot wall: $1,895 USD

Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 8′ for up to 4 foot wall: $2,200 USD


Turning Grid

Square-in-the-stern boats like aluminum skiffs, rigid-hulled inflatables, or PWC’s only slide bow-first as the stern hangs up on the skids. Center your boat over the turning grid and spin it around 180° to relaunch. Handles boats up to 250 lbs.

Turning Grid: 400lb, 30″: $495 USD


Anchor Kit

Anchor kits are required for the Standard Trax® in locations where waves or tidal action could move the track.Simply bury the plate a foot or so and shackle the chains to the track ends. Anchoring both ends of the track is recommended where there is wave action.

$95 USD

Compare Models

Length Weight Capacity
Standard Trax™ (Heavy Duty) 8′ units 20 lbs 600 lbs
Folding Trax™ (Wide, Heavy Duty) 6′ or 10′ 10 or 16 lbs 600 lbs

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