Owning a Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14® will change your life for the better because:

  • It’s a rugged all-water fitness rowing machine for all types of rowers including beginners, recreational, and hard-core rowers.
  • It uses up to 90% of your muscles with no stress on the knees and burns twice the calories as jogging or kayaking.
  • You can row by yourself, bring your favourite person or pet, or enter open water rowing/paddling events.
  • You can take your Solo 14 camping or on expeditions – faster, more comfortable, and holds more gear than a kayak.
  • It’s a stable platform for fishing or crabbing, and for taking kids and dogs along. Safe even while rowing in wind and waves.
  • The co-polymer construction means it’s ultra-tough with almost zero maintenance. More time to go rowing!
  • Double hull construction makes the Solo 14® virtually unsinkable just like the larger Tango 17® model. US Coast Guard and CE certified.
  • Getting out in a seaworthy Solo 14® calms the mind and refreshes the soul!

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“New scullers benefit from the seaworthy, stable platform of a Solo 14®. Proper blade entry and exit from the water are easy to perform in the roughest of conditions. This boat is impossible to flip and totally fun to row. I love ‘Freedom Crabber’ my Solo 14.”

-Adam Kreek, (6’5” 225lbs) Olympic Gold Rower and 4 time world rowing champion

Base Price $9,995.00 USD

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    Tough Co-polymer Construction

    The hull and decks are constructed from virtually indestructible co-polymer plastic, using a heat-and-vacuum forming process called thermoforming. The hull and deck are rigid and stiff thanks to an inner specially designed inter deck and the medium itself. Unlike rotocast polyethylene this boat will not change shape when exposed to hot sunlight. This is necessary for a performance rowing boat. The Solo 14®’s exterior has an acrylic coating bonded to it known as ‘Solarcote™’. It is UV-proof and retains a glossy yacht-like finish. Co-polymer is much more impact-resistant than a fiberglass hull, does not go chalky or dull like gelcoat, It simplyd stays shiny and looking good for years. Our commitment to quality and superior design has produced the absolute best boat of its type in the marketplace. The materials and copolymer plastic used in construction of the Solo 14® are 100% recyclable.

    The Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14® rowing boat is distinctly elegant and extremely seaworthy, with a pedigree that goes back for hundreds of years.

    Length Overall : 14′ (4.26 m) Waterline Length : 13′ 5″ (4 m)
    Height Overall : 26″ (66 cm) Weight Overall : 150 lbs (68 kg)
    Pin-to-Pin Width : 63″ (160 cm) Beam : 46″ (117 cm)
    Draft : 6″ (15 cm) Depth : 18″ (46 cm)
    Track Travel : 36″ (91.5 cm) Top Speed : 5 Knots (9.26 kph)
    Carrying Capacity : 660 lbs (300 kg) Person Capacity : 1-4
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    To keep the Solo 14® looking new, all that’s required is a few minutes spent wiping it down with a damp cloth when needed. This means there is much more time to spend actually using the boat, having fun, and keeping fit. It will never need painting or ever waxing due to the Solorcote® exterior finish.

    Standard Features

    The Solo 14® comes equipped with all of the features listed here as standard and included. The only factory options to consider are the stainless steel keelstrip, motor pads and a custom boat name. These can be seen under “Factory Options” in the Accessories section of the website.


    Sliding Seat
    This slide seat design has been used for over a century. Seat holes and cutaway fit the coccyx and sit bones. Anodized tracks allow smooth sliding.


    Adjustable foot stretcher fits any leg length. Velcro straps enable regular footwear to be worn by the rower. Heel cups adjust up or down for varying shoe sizes.


    These cast aluminum outriggers create the correct span for 9’6” carbon fiber sculling oars. The rower can remain seated when the outrigger is hinged inboard.


    Outriggers Inboard
    Outriggers hinge inboard when coming alongside a dock or boat. By being closer to the dock, the boat is more stable, safer and easier to get into or out of.


    Fixed Seat
    The sliding seat removes easily and the fixed seat snaps into place. The fixed seat stows between the track risers, flush to the floor for convenient storage.


    Forward Oarlocks
    Forward oarlocks sockets allow rowing from the forward fixed seat. Enables up to four people to be carried.


    Top quality nonskid located on the cockpit floor prevents slipping and makes it safer and easier to move around. Dog-friendly.


    Drain plug
    Pulling the plug when storing the boat out of the water keeps the hull from collecting rain water and makes draining easier when hosing the boat down.


    Mushroom Cleat
    Cleats are used for hanging fenders or spring lines when tying to a dock. The mushroom shape has no sharp corners to help prevent snagging on clothing.


    Batten Ends
    The batten ends come installed ready for battens. Battens enable a boat cover to shed rain water. See the accessories page for ordering a set of custom Lexan battens.


    Sturdy Bow/Stern eyes
    A recessed bow eye protects other boats from damage and takes the worry out of coming alongside. They are strong enough to lift or tow the boat


    Conveniently secure your cushions or gear using these durable plastic tie downs, suitable for webbing strap.

    How to Order

    Many customers first print the “Pricing and Accessories PDF”, in the “Pricing” tab above, for the boat they are planning to purchase, and then check-off the items they are interested in before calling or sending it to us. This is a good way to begin the process.

    Alternatively, you can call to discuss your options, especially if you are unsure about what Whitehall boat model you are interested in. Your order may be as simple as a basic rowing model with oars, or as elaborate as a slide-seat rowing & sailing model with accessories, delivered to another continent.

    Ordering/Delivery Details & Policies

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    We are located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada on the Pacific side of North America. If you call outside of our normal business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and get our message machine, please let us know the best time and way to reach you.

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