Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Jib Jammers

Makes handling your jib sheets a lot easier. Jib Jammers can be positioned on the gunnels of any Classic Whitehall Spirit® sailing models. Slip between the teak spacers in the gunnels for a fair lead for the jib sheets. Locks in place with a brass pin.

Pair: $420.00 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Parrell Beads

This innovative, new and improved set of parrell beads feature a ball and loop that enable easy attachment to the mast. They are used to keep the mainsail firmly attached to the mast when the sail is reefed down.

$175.00 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Teak Blocks

These custom-made blocks feature a Canadian penny and are available with or without a becket.

$95.00 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail


Whitehall supplies lines in various sizes that are standard to these boats. They are Hardy Hemp 3-strand lines.

8mm: $0.78 USD per ft.
10mm: $1.00 USD per ft.