Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Sunbrella® Canvas Boat Cover

A fitted cover with added reinforcement on transom, bow, and oarlock socket positions. These covers handle the elements for many years and do not fade. There is a perimeter line and tabs with grommets for securing the cover with lines run under the boat or with elastic hold downs on a dock. See color chart below.

Westcoast: $995 USD
Whitehall 14 & Tyee 14: $1,095 USD
Whitehall 17: $1,190 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Cover Battens & Batten Ends

These heavy-duty Lexan battens will last as long as the boat. Lexan is virtually indestructible and stays springy for the duration. The copolymer batten ends are also unaffected by sun or water. The covers shed rain and prevent water pooling. Three battens fit on the 11.6 and 14 models, and four on the 17 boats.

Set of three: $245 USD
Set of four: $295 USD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Boat Cushions

High-density, 2-inch, foam-covered cushions in Sunbrella® canvas are designed with extra comfort in mind. Fixed seat rowing cushions are available for any of our models available singly or as a set of two or three. Custom colors available.

Each: $106.00 USD

Additional Canvas Items

  • Oar Bags $245 USD

  • Oar Pockets Pair: $71.00 USD

  • Sculling Oar Bags $395 USD

  • Thwart Bag $88.00 USD
  • Slide Seat Bag $324.00 USD
  • Rudder Bag Westcoast $214.00 USD
  • Rudder Bag Tyee $223.00 USD
  • Rudder Bag Whitehall 14 $223.00 USD
  • Rudder Bag Whitehall 17 $248.00 USD
  • Mast Bag Westcoast $143.00 USD
  • Mast Bag Tyee $158.00 USD
  • Mast Bag Whitehall 14 $158.00 USD
  • Mast Bag Whitehall 17 $176.00 USD
  • Boom Cover Westcoast $150.00 USD
  • Boom Cover Tyee $166.00 USD
  • Boom Cover Whitehall 14 $166.00 USD
  • Boom Cover Whitehall 17 $176.00 USD

Colour Chart for Sunbrella® Canvas Boat Covers