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Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars

Ultra lightweight and extremely strong these Dreher™ sculling oars are perfect for open water slide seat rowing. The offset asymmetric blade is now the most popular type and is ideal for the Solo 14® and the Tango 17®.

Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars With Hatchet / Chopper Style Blade

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Lightweight. Ideal all around touring oars. Cushioned grip, black adjustable collars with red and green buttons and asymmetric blades.

9’6” – 289 cm

$995 USD

Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars with Club Style Blade

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Sculling oars with handles that can be adjusted 41/2” or 10 cm. Lighter or shorter rowers can adjust these oars to ’gear down” or ease the power required by shortening the handles. Cushioned grip with white collars, black buttons and asymmetric blades.

9’6”(+/-) 4” or 289cm (+/-) 10 cm.

$1,095 USD


Carbon Fiber Traditional Oars



These carbon fiber oars are the same quality as our carbon scull blades. Tough, lightweight with attractive Macon style spoon blades and very comfortable grips that are identical to the carbon sculling oars. The package includes collars and stainless-steel offset traditional oarlocks.

7’5”, 228 cm (pair)

$830 USD