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Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Clip-On Red-Green Bow Light Assembly

For rowing after dark, carrying a proper red/green bow light plus a white all-around stern light is highly recommended. These portable marine LED running lights meet all lawful requirements for use on inland and international waters when properly positioned on your boat. They use AA batteries (not included.), and are completely waterproof with double O-ring Seals, The Starboard® mounting base simply clips onto the gunnel at the bow.

$229 USD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

White Transom Mounted Stern Light (complete with base, arm, and light)

This white 180 degree stern light mounts on one of our transom gear mount bases and is designed to keep the bright white light out of the rower’s eyes to preserve night vision while rowing in the dark. (Batteries not included.)

Stern Light with Arm and Base: $229 USD

Light and arm only: $140 USD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Safety Equipment Kit

This O-ring sealed watertight kit with a nylon lanyard for hanging contains everything needed to meet US and Canadian Coast Coast Guard regulations. It contains 15m of buoyant heaving line, sound signalling device (whistle), watertight flashlight, and the container itself is a bailer.

$49 USD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail


A plastic jug with the top cut off makes a workable bailer, but this heavier, built-to-last model has a handle – which makes it easier to hold while bailing. A nylon lanyard is included so it can be hung off a mushroom cleat.

$24 USD