What do club members need most as we all advance in years? Health and fitness. Slide seat rowing offers double the calorie burn of jogging or tennis with no risk of injury to joints or ligaments.

Safe, easy and quick to learn – even by those who are currently out of shape!

A way to provide club membership (including men and women of all ages with little or no prior rowing experience) a fun new way to stay active, fit and get out on the water.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail offers solutions in all areas including a “How to Row” DVD, safety gear, in-water or on-land storage racks, and boat handling equipment.

Perfect for rowing on rougher water such as San Francisco Bay. It’s virtually unsinkable.

“The boat handles absolutely great in all kinds of sea conditions and especially with my Border Collie, Nikki, curled up on her cushion just forward of the slide-seat or standing look-out on the bow thwart. Her added weight (33 pounds) seems to trim the boat just right. I’ve always kept myself fit but thanks to your boat, I’ve never been more physically fit since I started rowing the Solo 14.” – Dave Stith, Master Mariner, ret.

Introducing rowing and the Whitehall Spirit™ Solo 14 to your club will add vitality and to help keep members active and fit.

Call us for details and ask about our special club packages.

In North America our company truck delivers right to your clubhouse and our professional driver can assist in setting up. We ship worldwide by air or sea and have provided crating/container and brokerage services for our customers for over twenty years.

For further information including special club pricing, shipping and lead times contact:

From Europe or Asia call 00+1 250 361 2628
Email: sales@whitehallrow.com
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