Linda King writes:

“Having fun” doesn’t quite adequately convey how much I love this boat!

It was awkward at first, especially because I took it on its maiden voyage on a busy weekend day with tons of boat traffic.  A big mistake.  After I took it out a few times early in the a.m. when all those idiots are sleeping in, I got the hang of sculling quite quickly.

I have been rowing it in the mornings and it handles waves, swells, wakes and contrary tides so well I am getting more comfortable in it every time I take it out.  I also have finally mastered docking in our tight Marina slip.  Whew.  Even with an audience watching!  🙂  I’ve had lots of comments on the boat, as it is so beautiful.  My pride and joy!

We’re really looking forward to using it as a tender when we go on our vacation to the San Juans in September for 3 weeks. I’ll try to have my husband take a photo or two soon and we’ll send it along.

Linda and Kevin write:

Time flies, and we’ve been enjoying our Whitehall so much!  The attached pictures really represent the uses to which we’ve put our boat.  I (Linda) have been rowing almost every day with the sculling oars in our waterway, which is heavily industrialized but opens up to Commencement Bay — lovely open water.  I usually row about an hour, doing about 4 miles or so, and have found it handles rough water, especially swells, quite well.

We used the Whitehall as a tender for our sailboat this fall when we spent 3 weeks in the San Juans.  A picture shows it following behind our boat, tracking perfectly and easily handling all kinds of seas.  When using it as a tender, I rowed with traditional wooden oars.  We discovered we could lock them and the boat with our Python lock to any dock by running the Python cable through the oarlocks and then through an outrigger.

Kevin was impressed by the ease of rowing and how fast we covered the distance from our anchorages to shore.  Another “plus” is the ease of cleaning it — we live in the dirtiest water in our State, and previously we’ve had trouble with significant undergrowth on the bottom of dinghies, including barnacles.  Everyone in our Marina spends dirty hours scrubbing the bottoms of their boats.  To our amazement, although our Whitehall spends its life in the water, all it takes to clean it is a wet sponge and water.  So far, not a single barnacle, and no scrubbing needed.

You have mentioned in your newsletter the significance of a purchase like this during these times of economic unease, but we can both attest to its value and have no regrets.  Your company is worthy of glowing praise to everyone who asks about the boat, and there are many who express interest!
Thank you for designing and producing such a wonderful boat!

Kevin and Linda King