The physical benefits of exercise are well documented (like seriously well documented!), of course living your life in the gym is less than ideal, which is why we are all for outdoor workouts. And if that workout is on the water, then all the better!


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Rowing is a top level exercise that works all the major muscle groups and is great cardio. It is low impact and so is easy on your joints and is based on your own effort, so you can go as hard or as easy as you like. It is also easy to learn and is great for all ages and abilities. Being outdoors means you are getting fresh air in your lungs and soaking up Vitamin D if you are lucky enough to be out on a sunny day. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!)

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Another thing worth considering is that more often than not your workout is more effective simply for being outdoors. Gyms are a simulated environment where every weight, stroke, pull, and stride is the same. Out in nature you are constantly dealing with inconsistent conditions. This makes your body step up a gear and gives you that extra push. Plus you get some amazing views as you go…

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What is also well documented but maybe less well known, are the mental benefits of outdoor exercise, especially water sports. Aside from the increased strength, stamina, weight loss and toned muscles, regular exercise has also been reported to:

  • Improve depression, anxiety & ADHD
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve your memory
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your mood
  • Result in higher self esteem
  • And give you more energy!

Plus being near the water has added benefits such as stress release and a sense of peace created by the rhythm and natural sounds, and some believe that the minerals in sea air also act as natural stress relievers.


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And of course the best kind of workout you can do is one that doesn’t feel like work at all. So say goodbye to the gym and enjoy your time on the waves and start feeling the benefits!