Rowing Towards Black Friday Deals Behind The Scenes | Episode 18 Oar Board Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits in Episode 18, behind the scenes, as the Oar Board® crew sets out on a videoshoot to capture the excitement of this year’s Black Friday deals!


Oar Board® sales manager Diana Lesieur, Olympic gold medal rower Adam Kreek, Jordan Muller, Harold Aune, Clarke Wright, and Rocket the Brussels Griffon (the unofficial Oar Board® mascot), share their love of rowing and their mission to get everyone out on the water discovering the health and wellness benefits of being out on the water on a slide seat paddle board rower or a Whitehall Rowing & Sail Whitehall Spirit® rowboat.



Diana and Jordan share what got them into rowing. Olympic rower Adam Kreek shares how his love of rowing developed throughout his life from competitive rowing to getting out on the water with his family, and with his kids.


And, Diana, Jordan, and Adam can’t say enough about how rowing is now much more accessible with the incredible Oar Board® rowing combos and accessories. Adam loves the Oar Board® Stand Up Paddle Board Rower because it connects him to the core of what he loves about the sport of rowing – getting outside, getting out on the water, connecting with nature, all while getting fit. Adam says, Oar Board® rowers and stand up paddle board rowing combos can help young athletes (and really anyone) get into the sport of rowing. The versatile Oar Board® Rower allows everyone the freedom of enjoying the sport of rowing without needing to invest in any huge, specialized equipment.


Diana also hints at this year’s Black Friday deals on the Oar Board® SUP Rower, Oar Board® Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, and Oar Board® Rowing Combos. If you contact Diana by phone or email now, she will be sure you get the fantastic deals early.


Plus, more to watch in this fun Episode 18