Special Offer October 2017, Whitehall Rowing and Sail, boats


For those that are already planning for next spring (or are fortunate to be able to row year round), we are launching our Fall Promotion for our Whitehall boats. All you have to do is put a deposit down now for a fall or spring delivery to take advantage of this promotion. How this can benefit you and save you money is two-fold…

  • First, we lock you into current 2017 pricing. As material and labor costs continue to climb so do our boat prices. We typically review them at the start of each year. Be immune to any impending price increases by putting a deposit down now.
  • Second, you get 10% off our current pricing, or free delivery*. Regardless of which option you are eligible for, you can realize significant savings.

To learn more, contact sales@whitehallrow.com

*Ah, the fine print! Free delivery only applies in Canada and in the continental US (excluding Alaska). Outside these regions, only the 10% discount applies which, for some models, is way more anyway! Free delivery applies to all models excluding Solo 14. The 10% discount applies to the Solo 14 throughout the entire solar system which, as we have heard, is the boat of choice on Jupiter.

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