Pick Up Checklist – Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™ & Tango 17™

Boat Trailer: You will require a suitable road legal trailer. Suitable trailers and trailering tips are listed on our website at  Trailering your Whitehall Spirit boat and also (for a Solo 14™) at What trailer is best? in the FAQ section. You are legally required to use tie-down straps. A red flag is also suggested for the stern.

Car topping a Solo 14™: Classic models are not recommended for car top transport. For car-topping your Solo 14™, the roof rack must have a width of a minimum of 50 inches in order to accommodate the 46 inch beam (upside down). If the vehicle roof is long and flat, the racks must be high enough to account for the “rocker” or curved shape of the gunnels (7½ inches over 14 ft. or 19 cm over 4.27 m).

A minimum of two (2) tie down straps as well as bow and stern (2) ropes to secure the ends are also required. A red flag is also suggested.

For a suitable “upright” car-top racking system see FAQ at:  whitehallsolo.com/faq and follow the link from there.

Padding or cushioning is sometimes required for car-top transportation and is expected to be provided by the purchaser. Our driver does not normally carry extra lines or tie-down straps. Straps or lines can be purchased from us and shipped with the delivery. Call or email to arrange this if required.

Please have your cell phone on and at the ready in order to rendezvous with our driver at the agreed location and time.

Please feel free to call the toll-free line at 1-844-880-5151 if you have any questions.