Hi Marie and Andrea,

Marie, it was a pleasure to come upon you all at Lake Union!  A beautiful sight seeing both the Solo  14 and the Classic Whitehall 17.  I wondered afterwards if you were there for the boat show.  I’ve been intending to email photos to Andrea showing the fun we’ve had with our new Whitehall Solo.  We’ve had lots of guests at our Lopez Island home since delivery of the boat on July 27.  Most of our family and friends (all ages) have enjoyed trying it out as either a passenger or as a rower.  Kids have loved it!  .  Former H.S. and collegiate rowers (family) have loved it! The boat is remarkably stable and spacious and moves nicely through the water even with passengers.  Often my husband and I enjoy setting out together and take turns rowing – just to be out and about together.  (Instead of serenading me with a guitar he holds his fishing pole.)  As fun as it is to have companionship, my favorite has been setting off alone in the early morning hours, heading different directions and being energized by the exercise and the beauty. Total joy!  I was surprised to feel so comfortable and safe rowing alone since I have not felt that way with our kayaks.  We are really lucky to have a community dock to easily tie the boat up to.  With little effort, I bike or walk down to dock, jump in and off I go.  When we leave Lopez for long periods we roll the boat up the ramp and up the road to our home.  Very easy!  Cleaning it is easy too.

So, thanks so much!  You have surely added a joyful new dimension to our lives on Lopez Island!  Come try it!

All the best, Pamela