Hi Andrea,

I’m calling my Solo 14 My Sulis.

Sulis is a Celtic Sun Goddess who oversees bodies of water associated with healing.

Her guidance is to “spend time near water, such as a lake, river or the ocean to recharge your batteries.”

She says… “water can wash away saddness, pain and the ill effects of suffering.  Engage in purification rituals involving water more often, and you’ll experience an uplifting in your spirit and outlook.”

I’m hoping rowing her will do that for me and everyone who gets to play with her.  That’s were the “my” comes in, whoever calls her that and is rowing/or riding will hopefully be getting the benifit that she brings!!   Cheezy eh?  My kids and husband LOVE it, though they are not so excited about the rowing part…YET!!


Hi Andrea,

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE MY NEW BOAT!!!!!

And luckily (though I knew he would) so does my husband!

We had to wait two weeks to get her on the lake for the ice to melt but then the weather turned to 46 degrees and we got her out a few times before it started to snow!?!  It has been a crazy spring but at least the lake hasn’t frozen over again and the warm weather will soon be here.  Our dock arrives 2nd week of June

I really love that fact that you can continue to work on your form and that rowing can really be an ongoing learning experience.  At least it will be for me for a long while.

My kids also love going for rides but they do get cold and are also looking forward to the warmer weather.

Thanks again,