We all know the routine, when the plane you’re on starts to sputter and the oxygen mask drops down your instructions are to don your mask first before helping anyone else with theirs. Rowing can be a little like this. If we don’t take care of ourselves first by giving ourselves what we need in order to be as fit, clear, strong, calm and collected as possible, how can we be there for those that need us most in times of change and challenge such as this? Getting out rowing regularly does amazing things for people. Here are some quotes from a few of the letters and messages that have come in over the years.

“Another great thing about the boat is getting a great workout. It is great to get out on the water for the day and enjoy yourself while you exercise.”

“I’ve never been more physically fit since I started rowing the Solo 14.”


“I am loving my new boat—it’s awesome. I can row it in Port Townsend Bay when I wouldn’t dream of taking out a sculling single.”

“I have been in the boat almost every day. It took me a few trips to get my technique down, but I’m having a great time in the boat. It is the only exercise I like!”

“I logged a total of about 40 miles during my vacation and covered some beautiful territory – it was a highlight. It is a lovely boat – fast, good looking, light. Even the lobstermen were intrigued by it.”

“I haven’t weighed as little since I was 17 years old, thanks to rowing my slide seat Whitehall Spirit 14 every morning and with some credit due to my new younger girlfriend.”

So if you feel that a Whitehall Spirit™ rowboat and/or sailboat will change your life for the better, call us for more details and book your new boat for delivery this summer!