Dave Stith fell in love with the Whitehall Spirit line at the 2008 Seattle boat show. But to prove to himself that rowing was a pastime that he and his dog would enjoy, decided to first purchase a Solo 14. And here is his enthusiastic response.

Dear Marie, Harold, and Andrea,

Thank you!   Thank you!  Thank you!  For designing, building, and selling such a wonderful boat.  My Solo 14 is everything that I envisioned and more.  It is a joy to use, just during the month of September alone, I’ve been out on the water around my home for 23 day trips.  We’ve had such perfect weather in September that it’s become addictive to be out rowing for hours on end.  You sure were correct about it being excellent exercise.  My usual day drips are from 7.5 to 10 miles long with my longest trip to date being 16 miles.  I really enjoy seeing the eddies from my oars as they disappear into the distance.  The boat handles absolutely great in all kinds of sea conditions and especially with my Boarder Collie, Nikki, curled up on her cushion just forward of the slide-seat or standing look-out on the bow thwart.  Her added weight (33 pounds) seems to trim the boat just right.  I’ve always kept myself fit but thanks to your boat, I’ve never been more physically fit since I started rowing the Solo 14.

Thanks again for building such a fine fine boat.  It’s been a real pleasure for me to get to know such a first rate company, the people who work there, and the wonderful boats that you build.  I’ve just about worn out my copy of the Whitehall Spirit catalogue dreaming of the day that I own a Spirit 14 or 17.

Dave Stith

In New England they would use one phrase to describe your boats – FINEST KIND!