The World’s Finest Rowing and Sailing Boats & Equipment

We design and build our boats one at a time – impeccably handcrafted to look and perform above your highest expectations.

Classic Whitehall Spirit® 17 Traditional Rowboat

Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14® or Tango 17®

  • The perfect fitness machine.
  • World’s first copolymer slide seat sculling boats.
  • Best for high-performance rowing in all conditions.
  • Ultra-tough, zero maintenance.

Classic Whitehall Rowing Boats Built To Last 100 Years!

Row, scull, or sail an impeccably crafted work of art. Our boats hold their value over generations.

Do you deliver to…? A very frequently asked question, and to date, we have yet to say no. We have two basic methods of shipping our boats, depending on whether they are going to customers in Canada, the United States or being shipped internationally.