Have I Told You Lately…

The above title, besides being the title of a romantic Van Morrison song, is referring to thanking many, many of you Whitehall Spirit® and Oar Board® owners for being referrals for our boats and for being Ambassadors for our Oar Boards®. Over the past several months, many of you have signed up to the Oar Board® Ambassador program, or have agreed to our request to be a referral in California, Nova Scotia, United Kingdom, Massachusetts, Australia, Norway, Belgium (the list goes on…) for our Whitehall boats.

What this tells us is that our boat owners are passionate about their boat. It also tells us that rowing isn’t a passing fad for these people as many of them have owned one of our Whitehalls and have been rowing them non-stop for 10, 20, or more years.

So, again, thank you and happy rowing!


Free Shipping* from October 26 to November 4, 2018 for deliveries to Canada and the US. Need we say more!

Please contact Diana@OarBoard.com!

Oar Board® UPDATES

If you are interested in trying the Oar Board® before you get your own, check out our Ambassadors page to find a helpful Oar Board® owner near you! Ready to make your purchase and get your Oar Board®?

If you’re already an Oar Board owner, and interested in becoming an Ambassador please contact us.

Please contact Diana@OarBoard.com!

Oar Board Blog: How to Choose the Best Paddle Board for your Oar Board® Rower with Diana Lesieur

It’s always fun to help produce another video that helps people understand more about rowing with the Oar Board®. Check it out! It’s posted below! Here’s my blog on it.

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Whitehall Spirit®


This update is in the unusual form of an email response to someone who recently suggested we have “more professional rowers with better technique in our ads”, and that our “rigging of the boats and technique should be on par with those of us who rowed in college”.

Respecting their anonymity, here is how I chose to respond by keeping in line with our philosophy here at Whitehall of wanting to expose as many as possible to rowing:

Thank you for your email, for your comments, and for your interest in our boats!

As to your comments, we have specifically depicted our boats in a way to demonstrate that rowing is available to the masses (especially novices), vs. “only” college or club trained rowers. As such, our rowers are simply people who have a passion for recreational rowing and realize that rowing is something they can do long into their senior years, whether they rowed in college or not. We’re more about the zen of rowing for fun and for fitness, with or without your grandchildren or dog aboard, than worrying about breaking your 2K time. We do not want to intimidate those who feel they don’t have perfect form, therefore, rowing isn’t for them… nothing like catching a crab once in a while to instil humility. 🙂

Regarding knowledgeable rowers and technique, if you delve deeper into our website you will see a “learn to row” video filmed by our owner Harold Aune using Adam Kreek as his model. It’s pretty hard to argue with Adam’s pedigree and technique having won an Olympic gold medal in 2008, and three World Rowing Championships (’02, ’03, & ’07). Strategically showcasing him in a learn to row video is, in our opinion, one of the best role models for new, aspiring rowers by instructing them in the very basics.

And finally, as to our rigging, we dare to claim that the quality of our boats is second to none in the world for what they are…and they are not pencil-thin rowing shells that you cannot even let go of the oars in. They are a classic reproduction of a tried and true design that has been around for hundreds of years, that we have modernized with carbon fibre oars, outriggers, and sliding seats to make them even more efficient and safe when rowed in any water conditions. Our Classic models, appointed with teak, bronze, copper and brass, are often called “functional art” by those who own them, those who wish they could own one, and others who appreciate our fine craftsmanship.

Happy rowing!


We are well into fall now and still delivering boats in N. America, as well as crating them up and shipping them to places like Botswana (that’s another pin on our map!) and Hawaii. However, we are also already taking orders for Spring delivery. Let’s face it, not much rowing will be done in Norway or Wisconsin until April now.

As crazy as ordering that far in advance may sound, putting a deposit down now will protect you from impending price increases looming in 2019.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of our current fall special for a fall or spring delivery.

Call to learn more: 1-844-880-5151, or email sales@Whitehallrow.com.


Canada recently became one of the first countries to formally legalize cannabis so we decided to ride the “green wave” with our marketing slogans. Here’s one we’re trying on (tongue firmly placed in cheek):

Let your creativity flow and feel free to share any ideas that come to mind by hitting reply to this email!



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