Rowing has lowered my blood pressure and my weight

I took delivery of my Solo 14 rowing boat at the end of the first week of May. Other than three weeks of work travel and three days of bad weather I have been on the water every morning. I am a 63 year old that was 30 pounds over weight with high blood pressure. I have had a very active life but for the past six years due to personal and work issues I have not done any consistent exercise.

During this past 2 and one half months I have lost 17 pounds and dropped my blood pressure by 25 points. I started rowing only for a 1/2 hour and I am now up to 1.5 hours.  Longest distance is 7 miles, averaging 4.5 miles an hour with a top speed of 6 mph.
My Doctor could hardly believe my health improvement and is really pleased about my new sport.

Thanks to you all at Whitehall
Norm Holm