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Discover the Whitehall Spirit® West Coast 11.6 Lifeguard Rowboat

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Lifeguards are falling in love with Whitehall Rowing & Sail’s West Coast 11.6 Lifeguard Rowboat model. They love how well it handles when rowing in rough shallow water. But they aren’t the only ones who have discovered these well-crafted, handmade boats. Thousands of people are enjoying the low-impact whole-body workout a Whitehall rowboat can give them every time they us it. The list of benefits that regular rowing provides includes improved strength and flexibility, superior cardio and amazing physical endurance.

Additional benefits of regular cardiovascular activity and aerobic exercise:

  • Reduced belly fat
  • Reduced levels of bad stress
  • Can regulate feelings of depression
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety
  • Promotes clearer mental focus

A Whitehall rowboat makes getting regular exercise easy, fun and enjoyable.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail builds sleek, elegant ‘All Water’ Whitehall Spirit® rowing boats. We sell direct and ship worldwide!

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About the Author:

Harold loves rowing, sailing, diving, paddling and anything water related. He co-founded Whitehall Rowing & Sail with Marie in 1987. Together they founded the Whitehall Spirit® product line which now includes the Oar Board®. Read more on Harold at “I’ve designed and produced a lot of boats and equipment over the years. The Oar Board has been the most gratifying project so far.”

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