Hi Guys,

Having waited over five months to commission my new sailboat, it was with great anticipation that I embarked on a 10-day sailing journey through our coast. I had to admit I had some apprehension in towing the Solo for I had never towed it before and certainly did not wish to complicate any of my travels with concerns of damaging either vessel.

In a nut shell (or perhaps a rowing shell) the Solo 14 towed like a dream! In windless flat seas to 12-foot swells and 30 knots of wind, the Solo tracked absolutely beautifully and never once showed any signs of being swamped or over running the mother vessel! Again I have to admit that when the wind and the waves kicked up … and they did… the Solo maintained her tack and let me concentrate on reefing and navigating.

Attached are some pictures of the Solo. I used a single line attached to another single line looped through the Solo’s bow eye and attached with a snap shackle. Very simple and very straight forward.

The best part of towing the Solo was having her with me to row every morning. What a wonderful way to spend time while cruising… I rowed so much I ended up with blisters on my hands and bruises on my bum! THAT is a lot of rowing!

oh ya… and comments?? Everywhere I went people came over to look at and make comments about the beautiful tender I had.