Mendrop has a great Solo 14 Experience.

Thanks to Whitehall for the great boat you build.  I am thoroughly enjoying my new Solo 14, having had a number of rows on Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake in Colorado.  With the dolly in tow it takes me 8 or 9 minutes to walk to the public dock, put in, and launch.  Slide seat rowing is [...]

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David Zaharik on Rowing and Towing his Solo 14

Hi Guys, Having waited over five months to commission my new sailboat, it was with great anticipation that I embarked on a 10-day sailing journey through our coast. I had to admit I had some apprehension in towing the Solo for I had never towed it before and certainly did not wish to complicate any [...]

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Rune Selmar rows 240k from Søgne to Sandefjord

Hello to you all at Whitehall, Please find enclosed some pictures from my rowing trip this summer. I went for a five day trip from Søgne, located between Kristiansand S and Mandal in southern Norway to Sandefjord, about 240 kilometers north east of Søgne. The Solo 14 worked perfectly. Best regards, Rune Selmar

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“Doctor Amazed” Norm says

Rowing has lowered my blood pressure and my weight I took delivery of my Solo 14 rowing boat at the end of the first week of May. Other than three weeks of work travel and three days of bad weather I have been on the water every morning. I am a 63 year old that was 30 pounds [...]

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Poodle and Pussycat go Rowing in Solo 14

Hi Andrea, I hope that you have had a great summer.  It is definitely fall here and we have had beautiful weather. I’m still loving rowing ‘My Sulis’ on our lake. I have been enjoying many great mornings and evenings out on her.  My kids love going for rides and even the dog gets to [...]

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