Classic Whitehall Spirit® rowboats handcrafted by Whitehall Rowing & Sail are built to last over 100 years. They are vastly superior compared to any sailing rowboats currently available on the market.


These rowboats are in a class of their own for design, craftsmanship, longevity, and for their ability to keep generations of their owners happy and fit. They are meticulously hand-built by professional master craftsmen, utilizing a fusion of modern materials.


Classic Whitehall Spirit® boats command a premium price. They can cost several times more than mass-produced boats. They are custom built using the best possible materials and do not lose their value as they age. Based on over 33 years of experience, classic boats built by Whitehall Rowing & Sail normally resell, 10 or more years after purchase, for more than they cost originally.


For those who purchase Whitehall Spirit® boats, typically, price is not the issue. They buy as an investment in their health, fitness, and future, and because they want to enjoy the best.


Most owners want Whitehall Spirit® boat models outfitted with slide seat sculling gear to function as their personal gym. Many owners rowed when they were young, perhaps in college, and know that sculling provides double the calorie burn of jogging with no stress on the knees while using up to 90% of the body’s muscles. Low impact exercise in fresh clean air is good for the body and soul.

Some are owners of classic sailing models who simply want the enjoyment of sailing a fine classic boat while connecting to wind, waves, and water, doing something they love. They feel a connection that is more intimate and rewarding, with less responsibility than found when sailing a large boat.


Over the years, simple maintenance, along with storing them with their special covers and out of the sun, is all that’s required.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail was founded in 1987 and, from day one, has been managed under the careful direction and eye for detail of owners Harold Aune and Marie Hutchinson. Over the course of 30+ years, Whitehall has produced thousands of Classic Whitehall Spirit® boats that can be found in over 60 countries. Other than boats damaged accidentally by extreme weather events or due to extreme neglect, all are rowing, sculling, or sailing and looking forward to their 100th birthday.

Some owners of Classic Whitehall Spirit® boats are still enjoying rowing and sailing well into their nineties.