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Westcoast 11.6 Sailing Rowboat

This rowboat handles and performs superbly under sail in both light and high winds. The hull shape forward produces a lift effect when gunnel down, hard on the wind. This makes it harder to drive the gunnel under and keeps the interior dry. Off the wind, the Westcoast sail model scoots along gracefully and is a joy to be aboard.

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Westcoast 11.6 – Lifeguard Patrol Boat

Westcoast 11.6 – Lifeguard Patrol Boat Back in 1990, designer Harold Aune was asked to help design and produce a rowboat specifically for use as a lifeguard patrol boat that is easily handled by [...]

Whitehall Spirit® Minto 9’ Dinghy, Tender, Pond Boat

The Minto 9 is prized for its use as a dinghy, tender, or simply a small rowboat. It rows exceptionally well with one, two or three adults on board. In the late 1950s, the “original” wooden Minto was found washed up on the grounds of “Our Lady Minto Hospital” on Saltspring Island by builder Ed [...]

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CHEK Upside: Victoria rowboat business sees record year amidst pandemic

Aune and his business partner Marie Hutchinson co-founded Whitehall Rowing and Sail in 1987. Like most businesses in 2020, the boat building company planned for the worst. But amidst the pandemic came an unexpected stroke of good fortune. At 70-years-old, Harold Aune isn’t slowing down. “Don’t tell yourself how old you are, and you’re fine,” [...]

Their Pride and Joy

Linda King writes: "Having fun" doesn't quite adequately convey how much I love this boat! It was awkward at first, especially because I took it on its maiden voyage on a busy weekend day with tons of boat traffic.  A big mistake.  After I took it out a few times early in the a.m. when [...]

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