Thanks for the beautiful boat. I love the high level of quality. I am amazed at how easily my boat glides over the water when we are slide seat rowing.
Barbara Furer - Zurich, Switzerland, Expedition 17 owner
It is such a good workout and being on the water makes it so enjoyable. And my two dogs just love being out in the boat.
Craig Nelson - Rowing a Solo 14 on Lake Tahoe, California
This is the boat that I have been looking for, for thirty years. It’s a real rowing boat. I can row in salt water. It’s got speed. I can pull it up on the beach and it’s unsinkable. That’s why I got one, I love it!

(John rows the water around Deception Pass and Fidalgo Island, Washington)

John Sayer - 1961 Gold medal Olympian
Good morning Harold: First, let me say I am totally enjoying my Solo 14 rowboat! I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship throughout.

What a seaworthy hull! I used my Solo 14 to go find a dinghy lost in the high tide and storm we had this Spring.

I was in literally 5 ft.- 6 ft. waves coming first abeam, then heading into them on the way home, (quite the row!). No water entered the boat at any time. (I did find the dinghy, and retrieved it later when the waves quieted).

Dr. John Richmond – Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada
I really enjoy seeing the eddies from my oars as they disappear into the distance. I’ve always kept myself fit but I’ve never been more physically fit since I started rowing the Solo 14.
Dave Stith - Solo 14 owner, Bainbridge Island
Having fun doesn’t quite adequately convey how much I love this boat! I have been rowing it in the mornings and it handles waves, swells, wakes and contrary tides so well I am getting more comfortable in it every time I take it out.
Linda King’s - Solo 14 is “Her Pride and Joy”

The best part of towing the Solo was having her with me to row every morning. What a wonderful way to spend time while cruising… I rowed so much I ended up with blisters on my hands and bruises on my bum! THAT is a lot of rowing!

David Zaharik- On Rowing and Towing his Solo 14
We are enjoying our Solo 14 every day. On the few days we don’t row, we just enjoy looking at her bobbing on the water right in front of our window.
Caroline and Janko Jovicevic - Thier Solo 14 anchored in front of their lakeside home in Montenegro

Just tried the Oar Board for the first time. I chose to pair it with a Pau Hana Crossfit touring board (12’6″) and honestly, if I closed my eyes, I could not tell that I was not in a rowing shell. It was actually difficult to tell that it was not the seat that was sliding, but rather the outrigger/foot stretcher.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical after assembling everything in my living room and feeling how loose the sliding mechanism fit when positioned in the track. On the water, I was stunned with how smoothly and fluidly it felt. Who needs stupid bearings and wheels anyway?!!

Thanks so much.

Ken B., Florida, USA - Oar Board™ Owner
My kids love going for rides and even the dog gets to come along!
Kyra Perry - On rowing her Solo 14 ‘My Sulis’

I have not forgotten you, my life has changed and revolves around my Oar Board. I’ve passed 18 months and just set my all-time speed record for my twice-weekly course. I am fit! Never even one ache or pain resulting from exertion, always taking my resting HR from 70 to above 150! It is a miracle device!

I am truly blessed when I am back home at 9 AM having my coffee. I am on top of the world and all set for a great day which always follows. What a life-changer. Oh, did I mention the maintenance fee? How much do alarm clock batteries cost per year?… Ya, that’s about it!

I thank you and Chris Crowley.

Note: Chris Crowley wrote the NY Times bestseller “Younger Next Year” in which he states, “There is no better exercise in the world than rowing a single scull … it exercises your whole body while it immerses you in a rhythm and takes you to places that are good for your soul.” John purchased his Oar Board™ and SUP after reading his book and also because it is light weight and easier to take to the lake atop his 72 VW Bug!

John S., Mountain View, California, USA - Oar Board™ Owner
The Tango has become mine and I wish I could row all day. Today under the blue blue sky I felt like a part of the universe.
Maria Rivera - Tango Owner, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala