This traditional rowboat is often called the most beautiful rowing boat in the world. It performs as beautifully as it looks. Two full-sized rowing stations enable tandem rowing, or a choice of forward or aft (rear) rowing positions depending on the load aboard. With no load aboard, it is usually rowed from the aft position. It can easily be rowed by one, and can even be rowed facing forward by sitting in the aft (rear) position, by pushing the oars rather than pulling and utilizing the forward oarlocks.

A Dream Fulfilled by Brian Crosby
We mentioned to Whitehall Spirit 14 owner, Brian Crosby, who recently received his boat, that we were planning to include a selection of letters from boat owners on our Web site and he sent along the following… our response was “Wow!” It really feels great to know that our style of doing business is appreciated. To []

For the traditional rower, this model represents a boat that is practical and perfect for rowing on lakes, rivers, or the ocean, and handles rough water very well. It rows easily and the glide needs to be experienced to be believed. The classic full-length keel keeps the boat tracking straight while under way, a very useful characteristic for long-distance rowing.

Owner Brian Crosby reports:

“I am extremely pleased with this boat. It excels in both qualities of product and function. Without reservation, I can recommend the fine people at Whitehall to anyone in the need of an excellent rowing boat or to someone desirous of satisfying a cherished dream.”

This fixed-seat traditional rowboat features built-in buoyancy forward and aft, and is also available with a solid teak floorboard system or with a fully buoyant “Ocean Tender Floor” which adds substantial extra reserve buoyancy to the boat.

This basic Classic Whitehall Spirit® model is also available with single seat sculling gear. See the sculling model or the sailing model.


The hull is hand-laid fiberglass, impeccably finished inside and out. The woodwork is solid teak finished in hand-rubbed oil, meaning maintenance is not an issue, and will require only about three hours per year. Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze. The photo album shows close-up details of the fine workmanship.
Length 14′ (4.25 m) Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
Beam 50″ (127 cm) Power 2 hp LS-OB
Depth 18″ (46 cm) Persons 1-4 (650 lbs/295 kg)
Draft 6″ (15 cm) Floorboard Add 46 lbs (21 kg)
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Teak floorboards $2453.00 USD
Ocean tender fully buoyant floor $2385.00 USD
Stern motor pad $122.00 USD
Stainless steel keel strip $552.00 USD
Slide seat unit (includes hinged bronze outriggers) $2256.00 USD
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BASE PRICE: $13,500.00 USD

Complete boat with solid teak woodwork, bronze fittings, lapstrake fiberglass hull, bilge drain/plug, maintenance kit, bronze builder’s plaque, & How to Row DVD – ready to row.

Boat Pricing PDF: Whitehall Spirit® 14 Traditional Row Model Pricing

Accessories PDF: Classic Whitehall Models Accessories Pricing


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